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New horizons for DTSE: Expansion in Pune, India

DTSE is thrilled to announce the opening of our new Pune, India location in April 2024, in collaboration with T-Systems India, a key partner within the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Text Katja Weber |
Published 26 Jun 2024
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Seamless integration and rapid team growth

Hans-Jörg Glaß, our Pune location manager, has highlighted seamless integration and rapid team growth. T-Systems India provided crucial support with office spaces, recruitment, and essential resources during our startup phase. Our goal is to reach 160 employees in Pune by year-end. The fusion of German precision and Indian creativity fosters innovation, enhancing DTSE's ability to deliver exceptional services globally. We anticipate rapid growth ahead and are committed to building a dynamic, skilled team to support our expanding services. 

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