Workflow Automation

The solution for cloud-based software solutions.

Many providers of cloud-based software solutions offer a broad portfolio of HR processes, but do not cover company-specific and paper-based processes such as employment contract creation, retirement processes and civil services.

Deutsche Telekom Services Europe SE closes these gaps with tailor-made solutions. We offer software-independent expertise, a comprehensive process repository, implementation and process consulting, and various expert services.

We work with leading software providers. AI decision making and workflow automation solve complex business challenges, from personalized customer interactions to service automation and process optimization.

easy. fast. digital.


Core tasks
  • Implementation and process consulting
  • Building an ecosystem to efficiently implement tailor-made processes
  • Developing a robust, scalable design
Target group

Our target group is all companies providing HR services in Germany. We offer a high level of expertise in labor law and see ourselves as one of the experts in the digitization of civil service and public sector services.

Benefits at a glance
  • Digitalized HR processes save time for core tasks
  • Faster processes increase the satisfaction of your employees and customers
  • Increasing the automation rate saves costs
  • Best-in-class (Hackett feedback) HR and civil service processes



We are your competent partner for the digital change.

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