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Innovative. Digital. Efficient. Customized solutions that really help your business.

The services and processes in your company are as individual as the skills available in your organization.

We will effectively support you on your "digitization journey", from the development of ideas to the rollout of your solution. We offer our support in individual project phases as well as in defined areas such as stakeholder management (social partners, data protection, etc.), project management, process analysis and optimization, and external and internal marketing   

Benefit from our experience in implementing complex individual developmentsIdentifying the greatest potential while making efficient use of your resources. Designing simplified processes and a unique user experience. Development of a customized solution and increased user acceptance.

easy. fast. digital.


Core features
  • Quick access to information  

  • Simplification of administrative tasks  

  • Fully automated mobile services 

Target group

Employee Apps and Mobile Services benefit any company, clinic or public authority in Germany that wants to improve its HR processes for employees.

Benefits at a glance
  • Automation  

  • Employee satisfaction and employer attractiveness 

  • Sustainability: CO2 and paper savings  

  • Simple and reliable processes 

  • Transparency and real-time evaluation 

  • Usable anytime, anywhere 

A wide range of services can be implemented on a mobile basis. Here are a few examples:

  • Time recording: from recording at physical terminals to a mobile app that can be used to flexibly record "in" and "out" times with a single click, regardless of location.  

  • Parental leave applications: Previously, it was necessary to print out, sign and send the application by post. With a mobile service, applications can now be completed and signed digitally, photos can be easily attached and applications can be sent directly to the right contact person

  • Holiday requests: From approval via laptop to a mobile solution that allows holiday requests from the team to be conveniently processed digitally while on the move.   

  • Sick leave: Previously, a lot of effort was required in the back office to record the data. With a mobile app, employees now enter their data independently, with our solution automatically informing the manager and posting the data in the system. 


Apps and mobile services create a digital experience that inspires employees. 
Contact us if you too would like to implement customized mobile solutions for your business. 

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