SOS Connect

Security meets innovation.

The modern working world is characterized by diversity and complexity, which also means that emergency situations can occur in a wide range of forms. Against this backdrop, an app that covers various emergency scenarios is an indispensable tool for ensuring the safety, well-being and ability to act of employees. From immediate response to first aid cases to rapid reporting of fire alarms and other emergency situations, the SOS Connect app offers a customized solution.

easy. fast. digital.


Core features
  • GPS-based first-aid call 

  • Fire alarm 

  • Help with mental challenges  

  • Reporting a bomb threat 

  • Report of suspicious objects 

  • Report of a rampage or violent crime 

  • Report of a general emergency or emergency chat 

Target group

Help in all emergency situations in one app: the innovative solution for all companies, hospitals and authorities.

Benefits at a glance
  • Easy localization of the person seeking help using GPS and a call-back function 

  • Automated check-in and check-out of first responders based on location data 

  • Automatic check of the availability of first aiders at the scene 

  • Support in complying with legal obligations: depending on the industry, five to ten percent of employees must be available as first aiders if there are 20 or more employees 

  • Push notification for a quick response  

  • Fast emergency coordination and communication  

  • Orientation aids for affected employees adapted to the emergency situation 


SOS Connect is an effective solution to meet the operational requirements of the new world of work: simple, fast and digital.

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